Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

You have downloaded Minecraft for some times and you have played it together with your friends. Finally, you succeed in building your Minecraft Empire.

However, one day you might feel that Minecraft isn’t as exciting as the first time you play it. Hold on, you might gonna need some ideas on things to build in Minecraft survival.

Before continuing, please ensure that you play in survival mode.

Survival Mode Defined

What does it mean by survival mode? Survival mode is one of the game modes that you can find in Minecraft. The rule of survival mode is simple.

You can do playing, gathering items, gathering materials, exploring your surroundings, and building constructions. You ought to do these things in order to survive in your Minecraft world. Survival mode can be played either by single player or multiplayer.

What Are The Necessary Elements To Build Something In Survival Mode?

All kinds of elements that you have collected in Minecraft can turn into something fantastic and out of this world. Anything from woods, blocks, or tools. Let your imagination runs wild! Now, let’s find out the things to build in Minecraft survival!

What You Can Build In Survival Mode

1. Cities

Things to Build in Minecraft Survival Cities

Have you ever imagined your own dream city? Make it happen in your Minecraft world! Add several breath-taking skyscrapers to your contemporary city.

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Don’t forget also the streets, canals, traffic lights, and sidewalks to beautify the city. In survival mode, it’s recommended to build your cities by the help of your Minecraft playmates.

2. Castles

Things to Build in Minecraft Survival Castle

You don’t need much effort to collect the materials for your private castle. You only need several woods and stones. The building process is quite simple.

You connect the walls and towers that you have constructed and you will get a tough yet magnificent castle. Another plus point is castles are beneficial in keeping the creepers out of your town.

3. Parks

Things to Build in Minecraft Survival Parks
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What is a city without the presence of beautiful parks? They are essential to keep your city fresh and balanced. They also have an aesthetical value.

Remember to be playful with elements in parks, such as trees, grass, bushes, flowers, benches, and fountains.

4. Bridges

Things to Build in Minecraft Survival Bridge

Other things to build in Minecraft survival are the bridges. Bridges are considered vital elements because they connect lands from rivers and one castle tower to another.

Enhance your bridges with fancy lightings, pillars, and edges. The recommended materials for bridges are woods, bricks, and stones.

5. Ships

Things to Build in Minecraft Survival Ship

Whether you build it for ammunition or for leisure purpose, it’s nice to have at least a ship in this survival mode. You will need a good amount of woods and wools if you want to add the sail. The design can be vary from the simple sailboat or the grand warship.

Survival mode in Minecraft is challenging. However, someday you might experience boredom by playing Minecraft. You feel confused about things that you should build next.

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But worry no more because these examples will help you get through the boredom!

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